Born of a desire to connect centuries-old traditions with contemporary esthetics, Thea Valentina is a limited-edition brand for the modern woman. Our founder and creative director’s childhood memories of handcrafted caftans have inspired luxuriously understated pieces that fit seamlessly into modern closets – all while capturing a distinct Moroccan sensibility.

The creative process begins in New York City where the city’s pulse and endless energy fuel us with daily inspiration to design modern and versatile silhouettes. Premium fabrics are selected to convey the effortless femininity of the brand. The journey then takes us to Morocco where we partner with women-owned artisanal cooperatives to bring our trim and embellishment vision to life through an elaborate custom-made process.

The final pieces are assembled in the heart of New York City and are a true synergy of modern femininity and traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.

Our Mission

People are our truest passion. We strive to empower female artisans in Morocco by working closely with women-owned cooperatives. This allows women to work from the comfort of home and create their work by hand, while establishing financial independence. Through this heartfelt partnership, we aim to celebrate traditional Moroccan artistry while supporting those who diligently work to preserve it.

Our Vision

Modern clothing can carry deeper meaning: a richness beyond face value. Our brand is rooted in a passion for heritage and a fascination with clean feminine design—and how these might blend to create something new and exciting. The Thea Valentina woman is out there, carving her own path, embracing her own heritage, and actively supporting other women. As she moves through life, she possesses the power to change the world by living with meaning. We strive to embody that modern woman in each of our collections, partnerships, and brand initiatives.

Social Impact

At Thea Valentina, giving back is at the core of our values. We are committed to supporting various organizations around the world and aim to give a portion of the proceeds from each of our collections to causes we are very passionate about.